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The first serious, solo version of the film, not educational, is not this fun food that sells quite close to the original story in the comic with only one difference: Peter Parker is a student. College instead of still attending high school. The suit is still made of fabric but it looks more dignified, detailed and tight with beautiful shining glasses.

In short, Spider-Man’s outfit in The Amazing Spider Man can be considered as a Batman outfit in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman version, which is a precursor to the end of the study and transformation. Sony acquired Spider-Man’s copyright in 1999, which had long been congested in “being produced” by Marvel’s economic crisis. Sony immediately began to produce a huge investment set and debuted in 2002, directed by Sam Raimi with a short name: Spider-Man. It is the first big-screen movie about Spider-Man superhero, which has a superior investment budget compared to both X-Men, Fox’s previous competitor.