Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt

God forbid we turn the Labour Party back into the Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt not the Blairite Shee shee clubSome people just never know when to keep quiet. You had your chance, you blew it now let the Labour party get on with it go and spend your moneyLabour came out with all guns blazing against a practically comatose opposition and still lost. The thing that bugs me is that people say corbyn isnt anti semetic yet he did it again by saying israil are terroristsWhat an awful choice for Labour, the loony left or Blairslime.
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Just realised this Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt is here to distract from the real news about Doris Bonchanceson’s loosefish and the sadness it’s caused his poor wife and children. Another reason to make appointments of governors of the isportstees non political independent,one failed Tory wannabes opinion,where is the counterbalance interview to remain impartial? The most important thing, is that there actually is an ‘opposition’ party, not an opposition that’s the same as the one in power. Wether the Labour Party can run the country better is completely irrelevant!