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When I say ‘what’s the difference’ Blessed to be called Mimi shirt has nothing to do with what they look like. It is the fact that both cover faces therefore you cannot see what that person looks like should a crime be committed. I really didn’t think I would need to explain this but!Read the UK Highway Code Heli, ALL road users by law have to wear helmets including cyclists, motor cyclists, horse riders, road workers.
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When you have cold hands in winter it’s a real pain in the Blessed to be called Mimi shirt to take your helmet off. You then have the hassle of holding it in one hand, along with your gloves, whilst trying to sort out your money which is a two handed job usually. Thats why I’ve got a burqa to go over my helmet Jenny Perkins Jenny Perkins because in winter it keeps your head warm, easier the carrying it about if your buying a drink or snack in Tesco and you can see a hell lot more of your face in a crash helmet then a burkaHeli Burke So, are you in favour of women having a Passport photo taken while wearing the bur’qa?People seem to be rejoicing Boris called the women letter boxes and bank robbers but no one is annoyed with him for passionately saying it shouldn’t be banned.