Deadpool and baby groot talking shirt

Deadpool and baby groot talking shirt is a Contagion to Democracy former GOP Strategist Steven Schmidt! Fearmomgering at its worst right here Mr.So we have to choose between a corrupt government or crashing? So what’s the difference? Wow this man was a big mistake to become American president course a real leder you don’t threaten your citizensI think many Americans would do better if Trump and his republicans would just disappear.
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Everybody is already poor! But I guess he’s taking about all the Deadpool and baby groot talking shirt and wealthy people he’s been helping. Two children running important offices in our country not even looking forward to his replacement if he’s impeachedPretty sure the value of the dollar would go up! Wonder who’s rightInternational markets would surge forward with big gains, huge gains like we have never seen, incredibly big gains.