Grumpy ho ho ho christmas shirt

Comme ça ils s organisent un conflit sans fin chez eux, plus besoin d aller au bout du mondeThat reminds me of another nation that does that, name escapes me for the moment. He’s crazy I can’t wait for my son and nephews to get out of the service. Un malade pathologiqueWith all the rocks tumbling around in his stain brain he should be the first target I believe This kind of situation would be against the Law of Arm Conflict and Rules of EngagementJust curious.
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Please vote and begin to right this Grumpy ho ho ho christmas shirt that is affecting our Republic and all it stands for. But I consider trump a threat to us and mankindRemember the cops lining the streets in Baltimore during citizen protests on police brutality. Well I disagree with his suggestion, although they shouldn’t be throwing rocks if they’re trying to get into Amerca.