Here For The Shenanigans Irish St. Patrick’s day hoodie

Brian Ocasio Cortez majored in international relations and Here For The Shenanigans Irish St. Patrick’s day hoodie. Kathleen Candelora can’t wait until your generation is out of our way and we no longer have to worry about you brainwashed indoctrinated buffoons destroying our planet and politics. This thaw is no different from the last other than its slowerGood Lord, y’all got these poor kids so scared they can’t even experience a normal childhood. Equally; they have their hand (more so than conservatives) in the educational system in America. These kids are pretending to fight climate change by using the very fossil fuels they say are bad. Furthermore, solar powered, hydo powered, and wind powered machinery won’t burn any fossil fuels in the building of anything nobody is fighting climate change. I’m saying they throw fits; but have no idea how to implement the changes that need to happen. In more than just the sense of climate change, but also with our involvement in foreign countries and much more. Tim Szal yea because it’s not possible for kids to think for themselves and want to do something to protect the only planet we can currently live on.


The minority, the critically thinking population see just as much evidence to the Here For The Shenanigans Irish St. Patrick’s day hoodie. Kathleen Candelora so maybe instead of ignoring them we can teach them how to make a differenceAndrew Munson the majority actually, radically believe the world will end in the next 20 years. So far I’m not convinced you know the meaning of the word irony but I’ll hear you out. But trying to force me to go along with it by taxing me and regulating me is where we are going to have problemsZach Caruso please elaborate, Zach. After buying off politicians who control funding for schools, making sure they don’t have the critical thinking skills to disagree. They don’t believe in climate change because the companies that profit off of causing climate change told them not to. You gonna eat the kids with cancer and slay the elderly in the other hospital wing. They are lacking do to the fact that their is no push from the government. Too bad you won’t be around long enough to see how great the newer generations will become.

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