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It’s only a problem because the media is making it an issue in Maga Man Donny Savage shirt. Trying to keep America safe but that is not going to assure our safety with all of the wackos our thereThere’s idiots and extremists in all walks of life sadly but they’re the minority. I think some European countries are learning thisI’m not saying illegal immigration is a non issue but if he wants to hinder the relationship between his country and Mexico then that’s sad. However when a President tells the world I’m going to build a wall, I don’t know but it kind of grabs your attention. Martin Waugh according to The federal bureau of labor statistics he is,and 61% of people are very happy with the economy more like the economic numbers say so and his approval numbers are up so ok dokeNo, I’m not. Two men in a legally binding contract often used to show commitment put their lips on one another. I believe Limbaugh has had more than two, I don’t know exactly how many more. They had to do with Mayor Pete showing public affection for his one and only spouse. He isn’t the guy but look at the Democrats offeringsScott Rose In any case, Limbaugh’s inferences had nothing to do with his record. He may be a nice guy but look at the facts on South Bend.

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Scott Rose i don’t care who he is kissing, but i do take exception to a Maga Man Donny Savage shirt. Guess you’re just being sad and bitter on Valentine’s Day no I don’t think so. Juliet Migues The next USA President will be married to a Dog, let’s celebrate liberty and freedomJohn Phillips a pair of two amazing people who are in love. At least I am educated, thoughtful, and imaginative and can see a world beyond my own two feet. As reported by YOUR FAUX NEWS CARLSON that dRumpy is a FULL BLOWN BS ARTIST libtard.BrJohn Phillips Oh my. Well 62 million people voted for a serial adulterer who bangs Porn Stars so tell me what the problem here is again. She do some naked girl on girl stuff, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue with people who don’t like gay peopleThis controversy is so dumb.

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