Michael Myers I hate people shirt

That is what happens when a Michael Myers I hate people shirt is demented delusional and bipolar as he is i think he is in the early stages of Alzheimers diseaseIt was 64,don’t believe the bs propaganda crap. Is it really false claimed or just the media pushing a narrative that people know is falseWhere the proof. But, if 3000 did die, it would be due to the fact that the mayor and corrupt liberal politicians in PR didn’t hand out all the water and food that was provided.
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That noxious moron in the Michael Myers I hate people shirt is among the science denying Republicans we can blame for our current environmental problems. They used all deaths to include murder, car crashes etc and then using their math problem came up with 3000. More shame for our President who is disputing facts, because he only wants positive news about his efforts to feed his ego.