Not flat we checked shirt

Sounds like a Not flat we checked shirt clear example of forcing your religious beliefs onto others to me, no?Do you know better ?The wearing of this garment is nothing to do with religion Max Bean exercising your right to vote is not forcing your view on anyone Jane de Woolfson Voting against people to have equal rights due to your religious beliefs but then criticising others for what they wear due to their beliefs seems slightly hypocritical no?Max Bean wearing the Burka has nothing to do with religious beliefs but with entrenched culture.
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Why do our democracies have to bend and change our fundamentals to a minority.a n ideology made my men and not very nice men in my opinionThe remarks were directed at women and is an invitation to any hooligan racist idiot to insult a woman in a Burqua. Tam Holderness What UK law is a woman who wears a burkha breaking or what laws is she demanding be changed? Are burkhas going to be made compulsory? Well if rowan Atkinson thinks he said nothing wrong the Not flat we checked shirt should be considered closed brI’m no boris fan but what he said was actually funny humour is fine and dandy even if it is a bit awkward or offensive people should stop being so sensitiveSteve Rock no.