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Dont overthink about what a Patriots Record since 2001 hoodie, dont carry any grudge against anybody. Just enjoy everywhere with whatever people you have around you. People talk behind our back,its ok,but when you are with them just enjoy.In the end ,all this background thinking doesnt matter, What matters is how you spend your time. There I said it all. Most of the students make this blunder mistake and they all then regret. Try to understand it’s importance and revise it atleast 10 times( specially bio).A lot of times it happens that we think that question should have multiple correct answers but always remember the answer will be acc to ncert no matter if it is wrong.

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Many students start reading from many different books sometimes of much Patriots Record since 2001 hoodie. This creates confusion and distraction from the original matter which you actually have to learn.You try to retain everything and fail to do so leading to depression.. Excess of everything is harmful. Set your priorities and limit your enjoying time. There is no problem in watching movies,tv, hanging out,playing but you should have a proper check on them so that they can’t destroy you.

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