Over the weekend we helped create a dinosaur themed baby shower and Preggosaurus Rex shirt!Not for your average expectant parent, but hey! No pregnancy is average. Really difficult to do so many sizes though Pin badges fit all bump sizes though. I spotted a Preggosaurus Rex in my bathroom this morning! Ha! She’s so cute. I’ve been teaching the baby Morse Code through Suze’s tummy, I’ll let you guys know when she gets “shave and a haircut” down. We’re close. A cute bug. Not a month or ugly bug. A cute ladybug! Another print today.

Preggosaurus Rex Shirt

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I need this Preggosaurus Rex shirt. This lovely Preggosaurus is having a little monster! Do you know someone who is expecting? Why not send a roar some card that will put a smile on their face. It’s super comfy, but I tell you what, I ordered it like 2 months ago and just got it, oh well, it fits me now and it definitely wouldn’t have two months ago.