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Yes, but the tale of Ric Flair gucci shirt and Enkidu are really the reference. Oldest story known to be written and that is some tale. Wasnt this the episode that originally Arnold Ric Flair gucci shirt was hoping to do and play the alien captain.

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Here we go! He’s got his Ric Flair gucci shirt on for good luck. For the next 2 hours he’ll be getting an IV, drinking nasty stuff, getting an IV bag of radioactive glucose and then being scanned from head to toe. We ask if you would to please say a prayer and send some good thoughts Robert’s way this morning. Results to come Monday at 2:30. Ric Flair has decent deadlifting technique. He started his pull with his hips a little too high. Strong upper back. Staying straight with 400 isn’t easy. Good for him. Ive been considering buying a Ric Flair shirt for a while, but I can’t pull the trigger. I think wearing a Ric Flair gucci shirt would be pretty funny, but I’m not sure if everyone would get it. I’m sure some would laugh because they appreciate the humor, but others would laugh because they think I’m a loser.

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