In my life, I’ve made many mistakes but the ones I regret the most are my Sisterhood of the Eighties shirt. Donnie and I got along so well that children were just a natural part of our journey together. What we didn’t realize was just how much our lives would change. All of a sudden there was all this extra work and our “couple time” no longer existed.

Sisterhood of the Eighties shirt

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Two children only fifteen months apart, Donnie working eighty hour weeks and Sisterhood of the Eighties shirt – looking back I don’t know how we kept it together. I wish I could go back to those days with the wisdom I now have as a grandmother. Easter has gotten me to thinking about my obvious shortcomings and parenting mistakes. What I know, is that no words can express the total love, absolute forgiveness, tender mercy and eternal peace that is the divine love God gives me.