Smeg Red Dwarf theme song shirt

In my Smeg Red Dwarf theme song shirt, there’s nothing to worry about. I had an 8 week old puppy years ago (chow mix with pitbull). He also licked spilled alcohol off the floor (not wine though….hard liquor) he immediately ran around in a circle from the living room to the kitchen and barking as he ran. Came back for more. Did the same thing about 3 times. I probably should have stopped him but it was kinda funny. I don’t think it’ll do any harm. Dogs will eat almost anything and be fine. I feed my GSD puppies (litter) raw meat and eggs now and they handle it with no issues. If your dog is healthy, there should be no worries.

Smeg Red Dwarf theme song Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Smeg Red Dwarf theme song Sweater

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Some dog owners are idiots – They don’t restrain their Smeg Red Dwarf theme song shirt. They don’t consider that nervous or scared dogs might bite. They feed their dogs from their plates, which could cause the dog stomach problems. And they wouldn’t remove the dog if it is barking or having problems. Most moviegoers would find that their day was ruined when they step into dog poop, or urine, that some neglectful owner failed to clean up. The smell of that would also ruin the filmgoers experience.

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