Sunflower a day to remember shirt

And tbh I prefer making my own food McDonald’s sucks and so do most chain fast food restaurantsChrystal Rosser Well they have to unwrap the wrapper and scrape the pickles off. This Sunflower a day to remember shirt coming from a guy who doesn’t have a jobMary Guerrero with that most everything else around goes up so basically you’ll be making the same amount. McDonalds is a muti company that can afford to pay more as is Walmart and Target.
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75 and they want 15 then hell my raise need to be a hell of a lot more cause the Sunflower a day to remember shirt does not equate to 15 dollar an hour work. James Gordon maybe they’re not getting paid enough to really care if they get it right or not. Julian Noll I thought McDonalds only employed children, thats what it was when my 15 year old son worked there when he was in school.