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The Big Lebowski was released to the public by the Coen brothers in 1998, the penultimate year of the 20th century. The film’s art was born almost 104 years ago by the Lumière brothers. That 104 years filled with the world ‘s dizzying changes, also witnessed the long development of the film, leaving us millions of movies – millions of different stories, or bad, bad There is comedy there. But that means the creative pressure for filmmakers is getting bigger and bigger. Good, meaningful materials have been exploited to the point of exhaustion, not only on the overall level of the story, but also in each situation, little details.

Motif about lovers who love each other but are separated because one of them died of illness or accident that we often see repeated in Korean dramas, taking away the tears of her generation. Vietnamese housewife, originated in the 1970s in Arthur Hiller’s Love Story movie. Writing as long as the above is that the reader understands that, getting out of cliché (cinematic terminology for situations, ideas that are abused to the point of losing the original meaning, to the extent of becoming cliché and easy to guess ) is very difficult. But The Big Lebowski did it, its first success was to trick the audience over and over again for 117 minutes of the film.

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