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Amazing endeavours also from firies from overseas travelling all the way to Aus at this time of yearKirsty Vervaart Yes. As you possibly already know a large number of these guys are unpaid local volunteers and they do what they can for man and beast. Glad it workedCorrect unless there is not enough in the leaves, then they come down looking for garden ponds and such So i don’t call if they are on the ground near ponds.

CFS have a few approved organisations they allow in the fire zones to collect these animals once saferThis is just an awful catastrophe. Chris P Vaughan, if you Google ABC (not your American abc) News Australia koala wildlife rescue stories you will find a bunch of stories of individuals and organisations working hardChris P Vaughan they do move them. Chris P Vaughan that’s what I would like to know also.

People have been rescuing as many as we can, we love our animals as much as you do. Sometimes the fire is so fierce they have to literally run for their own lives. MERRY CHRISTMAS AUSTRALIAChris P Vaughan our wonderful firefighters have saved so many of them and helped zoos and other shelters get into fire zones to evacuate as many animals as they can.

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I love Australia. A news page free from Americans Canadians and most of all Australians perfectDictatorships never want their citizens too have access to anything other than the official view on things. But of course, only the Kremlin can be trusted to put out anti western disinformation conspiracy theory on reddit & 4chn, for those distrusting disillusioned westerners to believe.

For security purposes and to control cyber crimes every country would require to follow Russian step. They lean so far left that they are about ready to fall,just like CNN. There is the benefit of information control, but that is secondary to the main reason.

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