Top 7 on hutechteehanna.blogspot on 2019/07/12

I think it is made pretty clear by the flight attendants that your seatbelt should always be fastened while seated. It is really not that difficult to follow the crew instructions. I have a hard job finding sympathy for those that dont. There are so many reports recently about severe unpredictable turbulence. Can this be the result of the extreme weather conditions we are having? If yes, the worst is yet to come.

Top 7 on hutechteehanna.blogspot on 2019/07/12

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enny Goodwin midflight you dont need to wear seatbelts. It’s not supposed to be insanely turbulent. This is a one off, and I’m certain a few of these types of turbulent experiences occur on a yearly.

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Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aalas wrath is the reason why there are severe weather conditions especially in USA. Its written in the Quran.

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