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The White House basement literally flooded while he was giving a speech in the building about how he is such an environmental champion. It is so embarrassing to be American. Our nations capital was put in a swamp “way down south” in order to get enough southern votes to form our nation. Guess what. Swamps flood. I think you’ll find that the US is not ‘higher’ than many other countries, except perhaps in greed, hyperbole and belligerence.

Top 7 on hutechteeshirt4001.blogspot on 9 July 2019

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If evangelicals think God uses weather to punish…well, shouldn’t they believe He has just let loose some wrath on their favourite dude? God seems to like to use floods to wash away evil.

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Does this mean God is paying America back for all it’s evil and jealousy against other lower countries ? I mean past weeks it was an earthquake now flooding who knows wht will come next , May God Save the innocent.

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