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The fans are grateful for this! Cannot wait ’til the 21st!!! Estate of MJ, please release it on bluray with the making of! Do this with all the short films. You have all the masters, many are on film and for those that were filmed on video, it is not hard to find technicians who are itching to work on these gems! A HD bluray boxset would be sold out! The Beatles estate re-worked their ‘videos” recently, all in pristine HD, it’s possible!

Top 9 on hutechtee1234.blogspot on 2019/01/14

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Louise Mcdonell excuse me but what are talking about ??? First research the Easter rising in which Irish freedom fighters were shot by firing squad, incarcerated.

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Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to find out what that is. They see a meme that applies to them and they share it even though it’s bullshit and they look stupid as hell to anyone who really knows about zodiac signs. The thing also is, and you’re right, it IS generalized but it also is true. There are people of every sign who differ from the generalization, though.

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Joshua Ash Leighton Post is not a rapper he is Post Malone Rick Malone shirt listen to the song he sings to the melody he doesnt rap. Jamie Post actually receives a lot of hate from hip-hop heads because in a drunk interview he stated “if you’re looking to feel something real, don’t listen to hip-hop” even though he made all of his money from hip-hop culture.

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Have you ever thought about that the older singers, Elvis Presley some of us grew up listening to the cool ones still do shirt., Elvis, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, and others, their voices were in the foreground & the instrumentals were in the background. You could hear their voices & understand their words. Now, the music is so loud it is hard to understand the words. Makes you wonder if they have a singing voice at all, or they are just screaming to the music.

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