Top shirt from wanna 22 October 2019

So some years ago there was a laundry detergent ad in China where they stuff a Black guy in the wash and a Chinese guy comes out, I defended on Quora… dang I can’t find where I wrote about it. Well yeah I defended it ’cause it’s obviously inspired by an Italian detergent ad where a White guy gets stuffed in the wash and a Black man pops out to do some cuckin’.  Not big and muscular. While a fighter, Pterry often makes a point of how the small bantams are the most dangerous in a fight. Vimes do not deliver mighty knockout-punches, he hits you in the kneecap before introducing you to his brass knuckles. In addition, he is the counter to the god-like physique of Carrot. Or alternatively if a website needs to distribute users across multiple servers to handle the load – that would be like setting up multiple identical buildings, and evenly distributing the visitors between them so that no single building gets overcrowded.


This is like going up to door 22 and trying different passwords on the keypad until the right one is found. Various countermeasures are available, such as having the keypad lock people out on multiple failed attempts, or switching to a key-card entry (the employee must present a key-card rather than enter password). Such countermeasures are essential for security, but don’t solve the problem of criminals rattling the handles every few seconds. To help with that, one possibility is simply moving the employee entrance to a different door (a different port). This way door 22 doesn’t even have a handle to try – as long as the crims don’t know where the employee entrance was moved to, they would simply encounter a bricked-over entryway where door 22 used to be.

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