Top Supreme Rick and Morty Hoodie and Sweater

You should never doubt the attraction of this funny Rick and his cute grandson Morty Supreme Shirt. We guarantee that not only you, but your sons, daughters or even your parents will love it. This Supreme Rick Morty t-shirt, tank top can bring endless energy to your daily activities. You can also conveniently wear this Rick and Morty Supreme apparel to events or party. You can easily be the central of attention with such an impressive and lovely shirt.

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Rick and Morty Supreme t shirt. Personally, I hope/believe that the writers will blow us all away with something completely unforeseeable and make it a great, maybe even a couple of great, episodes. The main Rick and Morty we follow are not originally from C-137, they took over for their C-137 selves when they died in an explosion of a failed invention. Main Rick and Morty moved there after they Cronenberg their previous dimension which was left un-named. Also, since main Rick has memories of Morty as the baby but was absent for 20 years means main Rick is from yet another dimension that main Morty is NOT from. So C-137 is at least main Rick’s third home and main Morty’s second.

Rick and Morty Supreme shirt, hoodie, tank top

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