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Navy ships and subs seem to get named for politicians who once served in the USN. Perhaps before the Civil War, there were many army-served POTUS’s but not many naval-serving ones.

I think the reasoning behind this design choice is that it will free up internal hull space in the middle of the ship for other systems as well as making the ship more survivable. If an Anti Ship Missile were to hit a Zumwalt class destroyer in one of its 4 groups of 20 VLS cells it would most likely survive but with that bank of cells knocked out but still have the other 60 cells to call upon if needed to counterattack. However, if a Burke or Ticonderoga were hit in either the fore or aft VLS cell it would go up in flames. An anti-ship missile with a warhead around 300–500 pounds if it hit the ship in either location would detonate all remaining missiles in their cells and rip the ship in half. At the very best a hit on a Burke in one of their VLS clusters would knock it out and render it useless in battle if not outright sink it. Additionally, another reason they may be arranged around the outside edges of the Zumwalt may be for stealth purposes although that is probably not likely and wouldn’t affect the overall profile of the ship. 

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