What was the biggest shock when you became a lone parent after splitting with your partner?

Although I wanted children I’ve decided that it’s simply not a good idea until the family courts system is fixed. In fact I went MGTOW.

One thing that started me on this path was watching my best friend get screwed over.

Long story short he and his children had been living at my house for about 18 months, I had watched them grow up and hadn’t seen the mother since they were in diapers. The oldest was 12. 12 years he paid child support while raising the kids.

One day I got a call from the his work, they had arrested him, handcuffs, public humiliation and lost time at work.

I had to pick up his kids from school and take off work to come bail him out, his kids got to see him in handcuffs.

Why! Because he was behind $17.00

$1100 in court fees to get him out.

We couldn’t come up with the electric bill and the heat got shut off at Xmas time.

The family court views men as walking ARMs and and MAN that doesn’t comply is labeled a deadbeat.

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