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Doesn’t represent Will give real estate advice for tacos shirt agree, strange how all these terrorist attacks and foiled plots in uk are all from followers of a certain fanactical religion is it not? Steve John is those you mention plotting, or succeeding in mowing people down, machetting them, and blowing people up in uk?
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Ab Bradford if Theresa May hadn’t joined in the Will give real estate advice for tacos shirt it would have been viewed in a very negative light here! Not EVERYONE has Rythm & can do the moves! Glad to see that she was dancing happily for giving away huge ammounts of money to Africa to secure a last minute deal that’s not in the interest of anybody. No to Ps I know your comment was taking the piss must be a Paul Wallace thing Please, was that sarcasm or irony? I have watched the video several times now and after deciding that May isn’t one of the Rockem Sockem boxing Robots but is actually C3PO in drag having a seizure.